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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Feb 24, 2021

In this episode, Matt sits down with Kyle Finley of Legalbnb and Briefhomes to talk about how Kyle went from the wild west of vacation rentals to helping other hosts legalize their businesses.  They also cover tools and operations, finding work life balance, and recovering from Coronavirus. 

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Feb 17, 2021

It's the the season premiere of Unlocked Magic Zones! In this episode, Steph Farr of Maya Luxe walks us through every aspect of her vacation rental business.  From owner relations, giving back to the community and thriving during a global pandemic, Steph is one of the most limited edition vacation rental...

Feb 16, 2021

VRMB is thrilled to announce Season 6 of Unlocked by Matt Landau, a podcast that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall with some of the most creative vacation rental professionals in the world.  The first episode premieres Wednesday February 17th, 2021.  

Feb 9, 2021

In this special episode, Terry and Matt announce the winners of the 2021 VRMB Keystone Awards!  The theme of this year's awards is agility and they cover property management software for any size vacation rental business as well as several categories of third party software.  

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