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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Oct 23, 2019

Amy Hinote is an industry legend and I finally managed to get her on a podcast prior to VRMA international in New Orleans, the first city she got drunk in as a teenager.  

Amy rolled in with an entourage of vacation rental luminaries including Steve Milo, Simon Lehmann, and Heather Bayer, so the peanut gallery was intimidating...but that would not stop us.

In this interview, we learn the history of VRMIntel through Amy’s personal growth from finance and political science to vacation rentals. We then dovetail into a discussion about the venture capital pouring into the industry and what it means for independent owners and managers. 

We also play out the worst case scenario for the vacation rental industry with players like Vacasa wielding so much clout. This interview is as fun and delightful as it is informative. And leave it to Amy to only do podcast interviews when they’re attached to cocktail parties.

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Here are some links and people mentioned in the episode:

VRM Intel:

VRMB Inner Circle:



Simon Lehmann: