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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Oct 30, 2019

CJ Stam is a vacation rental legend to many who know him.  He has built Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals into one of the best cabins getaway fleets in the American South, and now he is focusing on new purpose-built cabins for his vacation rental fleet.  

I was road tripping recently and decided to stop and do an in-depth podcast with CJ.  In-depth podcasting with CJ may or may not involve real estate site visits, laundry facilities, moonshine, fish, strange appalachian get the idea.  Much like our Blue Ridge Vacation Rental Show episode, it was truly a next level adventure.

What emerged from all this isn’t just a portrait of one of the world’s leading vacation rental professionals -- its a veritable masterclass in a concept we’re calling The Forcefield.  CJ lays out practical, in-depth tips for fortifying your business against against anything that may come.  The protection this forcefield provides is also crucial for supercharging the growth of your business.

Get some!

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