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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Sep 14, 2021

Matt Roberts is the CEO of Vacasa, one of the largest vacation rental companies in the world. Matt was previously the CEO at Open Table -- the app that allows you to reserve tables at your favorite restaurants -- but he’s not entirely new to vacation rentals as he was previously on Vacasa’s board: granted a very different vantage point than being CEO. 

But as a disclaimer and a testament to the theme of this season “unglamorous” we’ve chosen to include Matt because Vacasa, whether you like them or not, is a huge player in the vacation rental eco-system and knowing what their CEO is thinking can be simultaneously awkward and useful. You won’t hear a Bob Woodward style inquisition because Matt (Landau) is not an investigative journalist. What you will hear are questions that other managers are wondering and call-outs that we believe can strengthen our positioning. Plus references to new terms like "share shift," "Domain expertise," and black silk sheets. 

This episode is brought you by Point Central, the leaders in smart home automation, and Breezeway, the best in class property care and automations platform. Both companies' leadership are featured in the middle of the episode talking about the other fondly. 

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