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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Nov 27, 2019

Scott Shatford is the founder of Airdna, which is (by my estimates) the most cited resource in the short term rental industry. I have been virtual friends with Scott since about 5 years back when he and I were sort of dueling vacation rental experts.

But soon thereafter, Scott took the relatively simple idea of compiling all the data on Airbnb properties, and built it atop a fascinating business model. Lately, AirDNA is getting more and more into the general vacation rental space, so the conversation with Scott is about much more than just AirBNB.

He was at VRMA in New Orleans so I stole the opportunity to ask about how Scott started the company (and continues to run it) with his Dad!?!? How he and his wife book vacation rentals when they go on vacation. And how the seemingly rude idea of “scraping” is actually a best practice that can help every stakeholder of our movement.

I also gotta say, Scott is also just really cool guy -- it’s been neat to watch him (like so many of our industry colleagues) building and evolving over the last 5 years. We all get to watch one another grow!

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