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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Dec 12, 2018

Bernardo Retana of Otium Residences in Marbella, Spain has a great pedigree of hospitality and finance. But what I like most about his topic here is its unconventionality — it’s innovative in that no one taught him or instructed him to do this. But simple enough that pretty much all of us could do it too.

I was drinking beers with Bernardo in Barcelona, Spain at the KigoWorld event, when he shared the Whatsapp idea. So I asked if we could quickly move rooms and archive the idea for you all to hear.

The concept is to use Whatsapp as a concierge line of communication: to be there for anything the guest may need without necessarily feeling intrusive.

Oh and if you want to innovate like Bernardo, consider a demo with our friends at PointCentral (free HVAC Analytics included from this landing page):

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