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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Nov 1, 2017

Jan Stevens’s journey in the vacation rental industry began when she inherited an old family fishing shack that they bought for $1,200 in the 50’s. Realizing she could leverage her talents as a professional interior designer, she turned the home into a vacation rental. As peers began to take notice of her business, they began asking her if she can manage their properties too. Jan shares her experiences growing into a boutique property manager, how she chooses properties to take on, and how she’s dramatically reduced her workload through automation and outsourcing.


Show Notes


  • How Jan’s family bought a fishing shack outside Vancouver for $1,200
  • How the financial crisis made Jan realize she can turn her home into a vacation rental
  • How a random painting turned into Jan’s first property management client
  • Jan’s transition from property owner to property manager
  • Why Jan only takes on properties that fit the business of her brand
  • How Jan streamlined her management process to dramatically reduce her workload
  • The value of outsourcing work
  • Why Jan prioritizes slow and steady growth versus rapid growth
  • Understanding the pressure and responsibilities on building a vacation rental management company




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