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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Sep 21, 2021

Sallie Mitchell, formerly of Casa Mar Azul vacation rental in San Pancho, Mexico knows what it's like to plan for a dream, live with the realities of that dream, and ultimately exit the dream in a positive fashion. Onwards to the next chapter.  

In this episode Sallie and Matt explore the idea of finding your guest type and catering to them, action items to build an exit strategy and dip into Sallie's fears of an arms race in guest expectations.

We have come to think of Sallie's business savvy as the quintessential rent by owner. With the scope of responsibilities and demands of the job greater today than it’s ever been, listen carefully for both the compass that Sallie used to make hard decisions and the framing or presentation of her choice that landed clearly and comfortably in the hands of her guests, employees, and even friends.

More than anything, Sallie champions the idea that if vacation rentals FEELS like something you want to do, would be good at, would mean something…that you should take that leap even though it may seem terrifying. At least in Sallie’s case, hospitality has made her world larger, her life richer, and her stories hilarious to boot! 

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