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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Dec 25, 2019

Tim Cafferty of Outer Banks Blue Realty in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is one of the most admired and respected professional managers in the world. He is a paragon of professionalism and hospitality as a whole.

Tim’s region is something of a mecca for short term rentals in the USA, but when Tim started the business, he wasn’t expecting his business to take off the way it did. Many years ago, I had only heard rumblings this guy Tim Cafferty who was conducting the equivalent of a vacation rental orchestra of the Fortune 5000 caliber.

Then I began to listen to his podcast Sarah and T, and you start to get an idea. But when I finally met him in person, it suddenly all made sense. Tim’s stand-up personality and emphasis on relationships are quintessentially “all of us” -- Tim is the hospitality professional we all aspire to be. I had the chance to nab Tim for an interview during the VRMA International conference and his personal story is one that will motivate you to plan for your challenges, channel your inner entrepreneur, and soar. 

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