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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Apr 20, 2020

Friend, colleague, and producer of all Matt's media "concerns,"  Stuart Hooper has a production company based in Panama and works all over the world producing non-fiction broadcast and online content.  Along with his partner Tammy, he has been producing The Vacation Rental Show and the Unlocked Podcast, as well as almost anything else Matt dreams up for a few years now.  

The chat with Stuart episode explores some of the pressing issues with OTAs in the post-COVID19 world, how technology used for collaboration in film may cross-over to vacation rental marketing, and what it's like living in a soon-to-be vacation rental that he built from the ground-up. 

Links referenced in Episode: 

The Vacation Rental Show, Lindsborg, Kansas:

Sense of Place ft. Bob Garner in Casal dei Fichi, Italy:

Mangofish Studios: