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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Jan 9, 2019

Brad Stewart of Stewart Mountain Lodging in Sundance, Utah is one of my best buddies in the industry. I think it’s fair to say that I admire his work as much as he appreciates mine.

More specifically, I really admire how Brad thinks in systems and processes. And as a property manager, one of Brad’s big turning points was with regards to his owners: like we’d strengthen any good relationship, he and Vicky created a way to close the communication gap with a conduit of communication.

This is a great lesson for anyone in the vacation rental industry looking to improve clarity with their team: think in benchmarks, standards, and common metrics: use technology to channel your voices into a central path.

If you want to innovate like Brad, consider a demo with our friends at PointCentral (free HVAC Analytics included from this landing page):

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