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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Jun 21, 2024

This episode features Pamela Quinn, the Chief Experience Officer at LakeDays.Rentals. Pamela and Matt talk about purpose and vision, and how to align your team with them. They talk about how to get things done and the role of creativity in the process.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with OwnerRez, 

Jun 14, 2024

This episode features Dixie Taylor, Director of Operations at Current Tides Vacation Rentals in Alabama. This episode discusses the significant leap Dixie took when she left her old "gig". The episode emphasizes recognizing when to step into the unknown, into something new ...

This episode is brought to you...

May 31, 2024

This episode features Paul Waldschmidt, the co-founder and CEO of OwnerRez, a property management software that serves both small homeowners and large property managers. OwnerRez is also the sponsor of this season of Unlocked.

Paul and his team were part of the reason Matt decided to create this 12th season of Unlocked....

May 24, 2024

This episode features Sean Breuner, the founder and CEO of AvantStay. Today's interview focuses on innovation and includes discussions about intuition and risk-taking. Necessities that are needed to create and differentiate in the Vacation Rental Industry as we know it. 

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May 16, 2024

This episode features Julie Marks, who is the co-owner of Homestead Hospitality and the Founder & Executive Director of the Vermont Short-Term Rental Alliance.

This episode is marked as one of Matt's favorite interviews to date. Matt and Julie talk about advocacy, helping, and connecting with people, which comes with a...