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Unlocked by Matt Landau

Oct 25, 2017

Rick Oster’s career has had many twists and turns. He spent most of his professional life climbing the corporate ladder as an overworked executive in the television & cable industry, and then took a detour to building his own aquatic installation company. Eventually, a curious insight led him to build his first vacation rental, a business he had zero experience in. Now, as the owner of Oster Golf Houses, Rick shares the insights and lessons that lead him to building a fulfilling niche vacation rental business.  


Show Notes


  • How Rick’s went from a career in television to aquatic pond installations
  • How Rick thought of building his first vacation rental and mitigating risk
  • RIck’s process on researching competition to understand opportunities in the market.
  • Thoughts on how to eliminate competition by finding a niche
  • Why you should choose a destination you’re passionate about
  • Why Rick focuses on having fun while marketing
  • Why Rick chooses a lifestyle business over building a big business
  • Rick’s problems with OTA platforms like HomeAway/VRBO
  • Why Rick still feels a sense of urgency in improving his business




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